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Davina Davidson

Davina Davidson


Davina Davidson

Davina Davidson

Davina Davidson

Davina teaches a playful and progressive approach to a powerful practice that leaves students feeling rejuvenated and excited for more. Her ultimate desire is to provide the space for her students to peel back the layers and tap into their power and strength. Having a background in gymnastics and a love for inverting, her classes are filled with opportunities to explore life upside down and all that it takes to get there safely!


Number of Years Teaching

10 + Years

Teaching Style



All the practices of yoga



What inspired you to teach yoga?

I am an educator at my core, I saw how transformational the practice was for me and wanted to share the tools I learned along the way.

Who are your most influential teachers?

Catherine Allen, Madonna Mcmanus, Ashley Rideaux

How would you describe your classes?

Slower, breath filled, and informative. I meet students where they are and encourage them to move from a place of integrity so that they can return to the mat learn more about themselves and then put what they have learned into action.

Why do you feel retreats are transformational?

Retreats allow students to step away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and hone in for a period of time to identify what is most important and to cultivate vision around what it is that their heart truly desires.

What is your favorite pose to teach?

Chaturanga Dandasana

What is your favorite pose to practice?


Where are your favorite places to travel?

Capetown, South Africa / Cuba / St. Lucia