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Margi Young

Margi Young
Margi Young has been teaching yoga full-time since 2001, since graduating with a Masters Degree in dance and choreography from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her yoga classes are influenced by breath, anatomy, alignment, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and Buddhist ideas about compassion and mindfulness. Before the yoga world transitioned to Zoom, she was teaching classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and leading teacher trainings and retreats around the world.


Margi began her teaching career at Cyndi Lee’s OM Yoga Center in NYC, where she taught for 10 years before moving home to San Francisco. She holds an E500 status with Yoga Alliance, as well as certifications in restorative yoga (Judith Lasater), Mindfulness (Mindfulness Training Institute), prenatal yoga (Integral), pelvic floor yoga (Leslie Howard), and craniosacral therapy (Ellen Mossman). She was recently named one of the 100 most influential yoga teachers in America by Sonima magazine. Margi is thrilled to be collaborating with International Yoga to share her two most prominent passions: yoga and travel. Her recorded yoga and meditation classes can be found at and you can read more about her at

Number of Years Teaching

Yoga: 20 years. Before yoga, dance for 10 years.

Teaching Style

deep, intelligent, clear, playful


eyes open: the world



What inspired you to teach yoga?

I always loved to teach and once I found yoga, all I wanted to do was share the genius of the practice.

Who are your most influential teachers?

Yoga: Genny Kapuler, Carrie Owerko, Cyndi Lee and the OM family, Tias Little, RIchard Freeman Meditation: Martin Aylward, Roshi Joan Halifax

How would you describe your classes?

My classes vary depending on who is in the room and the conditions of that particular day. Energetically they range from gentle and soothing to strong and sweaty. Since we have to start where we are, all of my classes begin with arriving, checking in, and centering. From there we glide into warm-up with movement and next into a deep flowing sequence with an anatomical focus (ie. hips/spine/soft sense organs/feet). There is a consistent invitation to be present with breath and moment-by-moment corporeal awareness. The practices then are meditations.

Why do you feel retreats are transformational?

It will be beyond exciting to travel across the world, and remember the vastness and brilliance of our globe, especially after the year we have been sheltering. To get away from home, see new places, be with like-minded and also completely novel people, and anchor all of the new experiences with meditation and yoga practice is THE BEST!

What is your favorite pose to teach?

Savasana! After a complete practice, to offer rest and give ideas about how to sink deeply and let go is a joy and important work.

What is your favorite pose to practice?

Reclined bound angle or supta baddha konasana with lot of support and an eye pillow!

Where are your favorite places to travel?

Top three so far: Japan, Thailand, and Israel.