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IY Travel Equity Fund

IY Travel Equity Fund

IY Travel Equity Program

IY's Travel Equity Program was created to increase accessibility on our retreats. IY TEP works to address economic injustice and systemic inequalities within the US’s largely white yoga and wellness communities which, since the introduction of yoga here in the 1960’s, has offered extremely limited access to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).  Through this program we are committed to serving BIPOC community members as well as BIPOC yoga teachers and to increase global connectivity across all communities.

Each year we will be offering a number of spaces at a 10-50% discount off the full price for BIPOC. We ask each applicant to take into consideration their financial need in order to determine which level of discount works best for them.  Please contact us for more details and to apply - we look so forward to having you with us!

“Michelle is the best! Intuitive, informed, and highly professional while remaining fully connected with EVERYONE.  I trust her and International Yoga enough to take good care of me and ensure an exceptional experience. Yes and absolutely!” - Kevin S (Mexico 2018, Morocco 2019)