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International Yoga Journal

International Yoga Journal

Jan 8

2024 Destinations

2024 Destinations:Unveiling Our 15th Year of Exploration!  Our carefully curated retreat destinations for 2024 are designed to inspire beauty, curiosity, and cul... more >>
Oct 20

Five Reasons to Retreat to Sayulita

Just a ten-minute walk or golf cart drive away from Haramara Retreat is downtown Sayulita! Known for its beautiful beaches, great surf, and laid-back lifestyle, t... more >>
Oct 15

A Story of Rebirth in Peru

With Halloween on the horizon, I've been thinking (and talking a lot in class) about abhinivesah, or in english fear/clinging to bodily life.  I've learned thro... more >>
Jul 20

Savoring the Senses Meditation with Michele Klink

Sensational experiences lie ahead! In reflecting upon my upcoming retreat to Peru I was envisioning how best to guide this experience. Wherever you travel, you ca... more >>
Feb 23

The Light at the End of the Portal

TRAVELING WITHIN IY Teacher Spotlight Series: Erin Fleming The Light at the End of the Portal What an extraordinary experience we have been navigating togeth... more >>