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International Yoga Journal

International Yoga Journal

Nov 24

This Thanksgiving - Deep Listening in Action

This holiday, naturally, is a time for listening, a time for reflection, a time for prayer, gratitude, and blessings. Of course, this Thanksgiving will feel diffe... more >>
Mar 3

IY Insider Guide: Maui

How should you spend your time, when you’re on Island Time?! I’m thrilled to be teaming up with International Yoga for my upcoming Maui retreat, “Return to Islan... more >>
Feb 10

Self-Love Meditation

Self Love...   Self love looks different for everyone... there is no one universal way to love yourself. In the pursuit of learning how to love yourself, it's i... more >>
Feb 3

How to be Climate Positive on Retreat

CHow to be Climate Positive on Retreat By Fiona O'Neill What is Carbon Offsetting? Carbon offsetting is a practical and effective way to address climate change... more >>