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Savoring the Senses Meditation with Michele Klink

Savoring the Senses Meditation with Michele Klink

July 20, 2021

Sensational experiences lie ahead! In reflecting upon my upcoming retreat to Peru I was envisioning how best to guide this experience. Wherever you travel, you can become uniquely stimulated by the sights and sounds all around. I will always remember the diverse, colorful clothes in Thailand. Exquisite aromas of the marketplace in Costa Rica. Verbose conversations with hand gestures in Italy. Incense scent of the temples of India. Pleasant floral smells from gardens in France. Playful children in Vietnam. Roosters crowing at sunrise in Bali. 

Sensory input can be so enjoyable until the senses are processing too much information. With an overload of sensory input, coupled with electronically based times, it's easy to get overstimulated, and overwhelm can set in.

What is this key to move out of overwhelm and toward sensational contentment? A shift in perspective is all that is needed. Rather than being bombarded by distractions, noise, and extraneous information, start to notice what your senses take in. Then, allow the sensory input to guide you toward a focus. Be still, be present and choose ONE sense (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell). Just pick one. Then, mindfully direct your attention to a specific, present moment experience of that one sense. Tune out all extra stimuli and clearly direct your attention to one specific thing. For example, sitting in a noisy restaurant, select to hear one pleasant noise. Listen to the background music or the rain patter outside. Savor the pleasant sound amidst the overriding noise. 

When you become mindful of individual moments, you are capable of savoring the fullness of ANY moment. Life takes on a curious and insightful new meaning. You can enjoy the sacredness of life experiences through the senses. Insights arise naturally from deeper realms due to this other angle of focus. Meditation, anytime and anywhere, becomes accessible, whether bombarded by social distractions or in a peaceful serene place. Imagine if you were capable of doing this…learning to savor moments of mindfulness…readily, innately, and more often?

A Guide to Daily Mindfulness Meditation: 

Let’s take a stroll with one of the five senses and learn how to practice awareness through everyday sensory experiences.

Peru-Senses-BlogThe key practice, to begin with, is to take a DEDICATED 2 MINUTES of MINDFULNESS. Set a timer! It is best not to be random about it as your mind will wander off in distraction. It has to start as a dedicated practice.Let’s choose TASTE. For 2 minutes, mindfully choose ONE flavor of your meal to eat (the carrot in the salad) or when sipping a warm beverage. TASTE the experience of the temperature in the mouth, what part of the tongue do you notice, the texture, the after taste, etc. Pause and witness the unfolding of your experience for 2 minutes. Do this at least 3 times per day, at each meal, and even with an in-between snack. This simple daily practice, 6 minutes of Taste Mindfulness Meditation, will bring you to deeper meaning and fulfillment with food. Trust me on this. Silence is golden and focus is foundational. Turn off the myriad of outside input to tune in to one sensory experience.

Let’s do this together and appreciate Peru in a savoring, contented, and transformative way. Join me in Peru! You will experience an intimate encounter with Peru and take it all in through the senses. Learn Mindfulness Meditation in a unique way. This will not be your ordinary sightseeing tour. It will be an impactful, fulfilling, and unforgettable journey. You will awaken your senses and learn to appreciate the beauty of this incredible land and ancient and present-day culture. 

Join Michele Klink for Yoga & Culture in Peru, October 24 - November 2, 2021.