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International Yoga Journal

International Yoga Journal

Oct 29

Wellness Starts with Self

TRAVELING WITHIN: IY Teacher Spotlight Series Wellness Starts with Self … Capital Sby Erika Trice How do we take care of ourselves when things are challenging... more >>
Mar 3

IY Insider Guide: Maui

How should you spend your time, when you’re on Island Time?! I’m thrilled to be teaming up with International Yoga for my upcoming Maui retreat, “Return to... more >>
Feb 10

Self-Love Meditation

Self Love...   Self love looks different for everyone... there is no one universal way to love yourself. In the pursuit of learning how to love yourself, it'... more >>
Feb 3

How to be Climate Positive on Retreat

CHow to be Climate Positive on Retreat By Fiona O'Neill What is Carbon Offsetting? Carbon offsetting is a practical and effective way to address climate change... more >>