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IY Teacher Spotlight Series: Andrea Marcum

IY Teacher Spotlight Series: Andrea Marcum

December 22, 2020


IY Teacher Spotlight Series: Andrea Marcum 

2020 was all about travel for me... until it wasn't. I was so excited about my retreats in Morocco and Hawaii with International Yoga, seeing Portugal for the first time, leading a teacher training in Germany, festivals in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Bulgaria. Now my idea of travel is leaving my house to walk our dog in our neighborhood. But something incredible is happening. Something I’d never have anticipated. 
I couldn’t step out into the world, but the world found its way into my living room. Lockdown hit, and like so many, I hopped on Instagram and Facebook with live classes. Then moved to YouTube and now we’re growing our home at
It reminds me of when I built my yoga studio, U Studio, here in LA but this time we are constructing it without walls. You might say we are an international yoga comm"U"nity. We practice together from Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, UK, Central America, Russia, the UAE, all over the U.S, and more. As Stephanie from Illinois wrote to me when she missed our live stream recently, “I love how widespread the online family is! The funny thing is that I missed the practice, but I REALLY missed the pre-practice check-in!”
Coming together this way is a retreat from the news cycles and gloom. We hear what’s happening in the lives of people across the globe who have become friends. As travel writer Pico Iyer says, “Sometimes going nowhere is the greatest adventure of all.” 
Our international yoga family welcomes the International Yoga family to travel inward, go nowhere, and celebrate the union of yoga with us!
Livestream M/W/Sat 10 am PST and On Demand anytime/anywhere.

Hey 2021, for the record, we’re pretty ready to go somewhere too!