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IY Insider Guide: Maui

IY Insider Guide: Maui

March 03, 2020

IY Insider Guide: Maui

By Jennifer Elliott

How should you spend your time when you’re on Island Time?!

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with International Yoga for my upcoming Maui retreat, “Return to Island Time.” I’ve done some research about Travaasa, the 5 Star resort where the retreat will be held, but otherwise, I wasn’t sure what I would want to do on the Island. Me and my assistant, Liz, decided to fly into Kahului Airport and rent a car to enjoy the drive to Hana and our awaited retreat. Other than that, I was open to seeing what Maui had to offer.

I decided to ask my “friends” if they had any recommendations for things to do when I visit Hana, Maui, for my June yoga retreat, and I was surprised to see what the most common answers were. Out of the nearly 30 people who answered, almost half of them said, “Mama’s fish house is a must!” One of my friends Helene said, “Mama’s fish house is an amazing experience. Once in a lifetime, expensive but worth it. Memorable, you must make a reservation in advance.”

Hana 01 copy

It seems that Mama's fish house has made quite the impression on people so I thought I would check it out and see what it is all about. It’s located in Paia, Maui, less than 10 miles from the Kahului Airport, or about a 30 min drive. Trip Advisor gave it a “2019 People’s Choice Award,” and lists it as a “romantic dinner,” “top ten fine dining” and “most scenic restaurant.” Even when I read reviews most of the customers were raving about the service and food, and of course the view! It looks like they serve lunch and dinner and even have some vegan options for me. I think this will be my first stop when I arrive!

Other advice I got for where to eat, Fleetwoods came up a lot. Nicole said, “Fleetwood's on Front Street in Lahaina has amazing cocktails/food/views… and is owned by Mick Fleetwood. Great date spot.” Another friend told me to check out the “rooftop at sunset, they have a cool torch lighting ceremony and live music!” It seems most people recommend this place for happy hour and dinner. I also got great advice for little places to stop and eat at. Skyler, a friend who used to live on Maui, said I should, “eat at the outdoor pizza restaurant in Hana, they hand-made their oven out of clay!” Also, “Star Noodle" came up as well. Quite a few people recommended “Choice Health Bar" It’s also, located in Paia, so I think I’ll be stocking up on all my vegan snack foods here before I embark on my journey down the “Road to Hana,” on our way to the yoga retreat at the 5-star resort, Travassa.

Hana 02

It seems like everyone also has an opinion about the Road to Hana. It looks like this long road can be slow at times but scenic and worth doing at least once. Nicole says, "get a small rental car if you’re doing the road to Hana- you don’t want a big car on the road. It’s narrow and windy and the locals will expect you to pull over and let them around when you can.” From the road, there are many hike’s and waterfalls to check out so having the time to wander sounds like the best plan. Twin Falls and 7 Sacred Pools are a couple of the recommended hikes.

Hana 03 copy

Aimee, Guy, and Liz suggested we go swimming with the giant turtles off of the N. side of Ho'okipa before we head down the road and do our hikes. And of course, we will look for the black and red sand beaches. I also liked what Kevin said, “visit the Tibet Buddhist Temple in Paia next to the health food store. The Bamboo forest past Hana on the way to the Seven Sacred pools (this should not be missed). Maui is my favorite place on the planet!” I loved that he ended with that, Maui is his favorite place. I got that impression from the many comments and advice I got when I asked what to do on Hana. So now I feel armed and ready with a plan to enjoy all the island has to offer; amazing food, breathtaking views and a not to be missed but may not do again, drive on the Road to Hana!

Join Jennifer on her upcoming retreat to Hana, Maui!