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International Yoga Journal

International Yoga Journal

Jul 16

Advance and Retreat: Tapping into The Divine Feminine on Retreat

In a world where the idea of “Advance! Advance! Advance!” is highly valued, it can be hard to justify the idea of retreat. In many scenarios, retreat means de... more >>
Jul 15

Savor the Summer with 3 Recipes from Southeast Asia

No matter where you travel to, food brings people together, creates community, and has the power to transform your experience. One of the most important elements ... more >>
Jun 6

Hitting The Pause Button by Dana Damara

I’m sharing this story with you in the hopes that you hit the pause button. That you realize how powerful and potent a pause really is. Not only is it potent, b... more >>
Apr 10

Returning Home By Erika Trice

I just returned home from leading a 7 -day retreat at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala and I notice that my capacity for the busyness that is going on around me has dimin... more >>
Mar 22

SENSATIONAL SAVORING: Daily Mindfulness Meditation by Michele Klink

Sensational experience lies ahead! In reflecting about my upcoming International Yoga Retreat to Japan, I was envisioning how best to guide this experience. Japan... more >>