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Vito Politano

Vito Politano

Vito Politano

Vito Politano


Vito Politano

Vito Politano

Vito Politano

I offer self-care practices to help clients (individuals, groups and corporations) strengthen their self-awareness, mindfully challenge their comfort, and connect to their strength, resilience, and capacity for growth, as well as their ability to abide with the present moment as it is.  

I also share metta/lovingkindness meditation practices to strengthen our capacity for self-love, belonging and empathy. Ultimately, I am here to facilitate a connection to the deeper part of ourselves that is resilient beyond our adversities, perceptions, and physical abilities.

I have been practicing Yoga since 2004 and began teaching in 2007 while navigating a deeply rooted fear of public speaking. I love leading retreats with International Yoga. Over the years I have studied and trained extensively in anatomy and therapeutics, Thai Massage, ball rolling and Reiki/energy work. I also trained and mentored other Yoga teachers. I came to Yoga while working in non-profit development and volunteer management, after working in marketing and media research.


Number of years teaching

15 years


Mindful movement & metta


Awareness, loving kindness, connection & acceptance 



what inspired you to teach yoga?

To face a fear of not being good enough in order to share this healing practice that helps me find greater acceptance and compassion for myself and others...and exposes others to the depths of their strength, tenderness, and connection.

Who are your most influential teachers?

Many! Natasha Rizopoulos, Judith Hanson Lasater, Thai Massage teacher Shai Plonski, and my niece/goddaughter Alicia who died of brain cancer @ 4.5 years old

How would you describe your style?

Challenging, Cheerleading, Caring, and Casual - no pretense. I invite students to mindfully challenge their comfort, and experience how much stronger, and capable they are than they think. With continued study of anatomy, and kinesiology, I skillfully modify practice to meet diverse needs, and empower students with greater self-awareness.

Why do you feel retreats are transformational?

Through the focused time of self-care and thoughtfully curated excursions, we strengthen and open and find greater meaning and depths of acceptance and connection with ourselves and others.

What is your favorite pose to teach?

Students may say Utkatasana.  It is actually balancing poses, whether on hands and/or feet. I enjoy the opportunity to empower students to go beyond their self-limiting beliefs.

Where are your favorite places to travel?

I love food, wine and nature and exploring Italy. I also love exploring new places and finding a sense of connection and home elsewhere (i.e., Peru, India, etc.) and greater meaning in my life.