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Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira


Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira

Author, yogini, teacher trainer, Odissi dancer, and founder of the Bhakti Nova School of Yoga & Dance, Nubia Teixeira has devoted herself to teaching different aspects of yoga for over thirty years. Perceiving yoga as a healing art, Nubia’s refinement, and devotion to this ancient practice is reflected in her unique teaching, centered around heartfelt compassion and inspiration. Drawing from the universe of symbols, myths, deities, mudras, and sacred geometry she teaches embodied Bhakti (devotional yoga).

Known for her fierce heart, uplifting humor, and keen intuition, her classes are rooted in her extensive knowledge gained from years of devotional study and practice in yoga and dance. She helps students connect with their deeper selves, fully inhabit their bodies, and live with deep awareness.

Also a Reiki instructor and practitioner, Nubia leads workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings locally, nationally, and across the world.


Years Teaching

32+ years


Bhakti and Hatha yoga


Embody wisdom and beauty



What inspired you to teach yoga?

Firstly that yoga is a phylosophy of life and offered to me as a young woman a sense of positive direction to my life and a purpose. Secondly the connection I felt to nature in my body by practicing the asanas combined with pranayama gave me a great sense of inner power and control over my life and destiny. Lastly, the truth and the orientation of the yogic teachings on how to become a better human being and benefit others.

Who are your most influential teachers?

I started my studies in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and had the chance to learn from Mestre De Rose, Pedro Kupfer, and Anderson Allegro. Here in the USA, Shiva Rea, Anne O'Brien, and Paul Grilley. My path in Bhakti Yoga started with Odissi dance in 1997, where I studied with Sonia Galvao. I lived in India for six months in 2000, devoted to Odissi, and since 2001 I have been a student of Vishnu Tattva Das here in California. 

How would you describe your style?


Why do you feel retreats are transformational?

It is a journey from the heart into the body, and the transformation comes with the celebration of being alive, in this body, making our way to the divine through song, movement, and breath.

What is your favorite pose to teach?

I love all the twisting positions.

What is your favorite pose to practice?


What are your favorite places to travel?

Brazil, India, South America