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Stephanie Phelan

Stephanie Phelan

Stephanie Phelan

Stephanie Phelan


Stephanie Phelan

Past Retreats

One Room Left

Soulful Journey Through Morocco  


Soulful Flow in Mexico  

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Soulful Flow in Mexico  

Stephanie Phelan

Stephanie Phelan
Stephanie’s Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa Flow classes are a fusion of seamless sequencing, carefully curated soulful playlists, humor and alignment instruction. She weaves wisdom from yogic scriptures into a dynamic and sometimes sweaty class  that focuses on the breath as a pathway to steady the mind, open the heart and allow for an experience of clarity and inner calm. She radiates love and joy. You will leave class smiling with your inner light shining.
Stephanie’s personal practice evolved into a pathway of service and teaching following life-altering events. Prior to that, she was a segment producer for The Today Show. Sincere devotion led her to earn a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, to complete 1000 hours of Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings, and to continue study with renowned psychologists and yoga scholars. Her most influential teachers are the co-founders of Jivamukti – Sharon Gannon and David Life, YogaWorks co-founder Maty Ezraty, and Steve Ross, a former monk of the Hindu tradition. After decades of study and practice, Stephanie ultimately calls LIFE her greatest teacher. To learn more about Stephanie click here.

Number of Years Teaching

15 + years

Teaching Style

Vinyasa Flow


Be Kind ~ Have Compassion



What Inspired You to Teach Yoga?


Who are your most influential teachers?

Sharon Gannon, David Life, Steve Ross, Lesley Desauliniers

How would you describe your classes?

Soulful Flow ~ a fusion of music, dharma, humor, and alignment. I focus on the breath as a pathway to steady the mind, open the heart and experience clarity and inner calm. I aim to weave love & joy into all of my teachings and hope you will leave class smiling with your inner light shining!

Why do you feel retreats are transformational?

The beauty of retreat is that we allow ourselves time to nourish and refuel. There is the luxury of pausing, of reminding ourselves what truly matters. We find solace in the simplicity of being fully present. We recalibrate so that when we return from retreat we live from a place of authenticity and vibrancy.

What is your favorite pose to teach?

My favorite pose to teach is also the pose I love to practice: Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon!

Where is your favorite place to travel?

My favorite place to be is in the present moment.

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