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Dani Ibarra

Dani Ibarra

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Dani Ibarra

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Dani Ibarra

Dani Ibarra

Movement has always been a very large part of Dani’s life. She started off as a dancer, studying ballet, jazz and modern for nearly 18 years. In her mid 20’s she had the amazing opportunity to dance with several National touring companies. Her dance career was unfortunately cut short due to a car accident, which resulted in a low back injury and severe sciatica pain. It was during this time Dani was introduced to yoga and her life began to drastically change from that point on. As she started on her own path of healing she fell in love with the art of yoga and became a devoted student. She began her journey to becoming a teacher in 2003. Dani now works as a yoga therapist in LA specializing in yoga for chronic pain in upper and lower back. Some of her credits include C-IYAT, ERYT-500, YogaWorks Certified, Urban Zen Therapist, Certified Yoga Tune Up Teacher, Energy Healer, BA in Dance and a CA Teaching Credential in Elementary Education. Dani currently teaches full time at the Valencia YogaWorks and has also led 200 and 300hr Teacher Trainings for YogaWorks locally and globally. She has a passion for teaching teachers and loves to be part of their journey towards their own self-discovery and life-changing transformations. During her yoga journey, she fulfilled a lifelong dream and opened Just Breathe Yoga Center. After 2 years of running the studio she was asked to join forces with YogaWorks and decided to close her studio for greater opportunities. Dani became Teacher Director and was responsible for hiring, training and mentoring the teachers for the Valencia YogaWorks and eventually the Tarzana location. Over the years she has taught beginner to advanced students in the YogaWorks method but has a strong passion for therapeutics and restorative yoga. Her therapeutic classes are the best attended and most sought after classes in the Santa Clarita Valley. The intention behind her teaching is to help people live better in their body. Her classes focus on developing mindfulness, relieving pain and the importance and significance of breath. Dani strongly believes that less is more and you can heal yourself with yoga if you listen to your body’s intelligence with an open mind and an open heart. Some of Dani’s greatest influences over the years have been Donna Farhi, Gary Craftsow, Jeanne Heileman, Max Strom, Daniel Stewart, Elise Miller, Carmen Fitzgibbon and Trina Altman. She is so grateful for the knowledge and inspiration she has received from these remarkable and gifted individuals. When Dani is not teaching or leading Teacher Trainings she’s spending her time with her husband and their 9-year-old son.


Number of years teaching

15+ years


Mindful Flow, Therapeutics & Restorative


Music, Yoga, Nature, Art



What inspired you to teach yoga?

After my first LA yoga class I walked down Ventura Blvd and couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Something in me changed that day and I experienced a deep sense of happiness and acceptance. It was that day that I felt this deep desire to give that gift to others. My hope was that I could teach people how to heal their body, connect to their breath, calm themselves down and assist in redirecting them back home to themself. Yoga has shifted my perception on so many levels and I wanted others to experience those shifts as well. After ten years of practicing yoga I decided to take my first teacher training in 2003 and that was the year my entire life took a turn for the best and I've been teaching ever since. My students inspire me everyday and I feel beyond blessed to share all this yoga goodness with them.

What is your favorite pose to teach?

Currently my favorite pose to teach is Trikonasana. I've had a love hate relationship with this pose for many years and I've finally found several self adjustments that I teach my students in order to find a deep sense of strength and ease.

Who are your most influential teachers?

My most influential teachers have been Donna Farhi, Gary Craftsow, Max Strom, Maty Ezraty, Carmen Fitzgibben, Jeanne Heilman and Bob Campbell. These teachers have transformed my life and helped me become the teacher I am today. I am so grateful for the knowledge that has been passed down to me.

Where are your favorite places to travel?

I've been blessed in that I've had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling over the course of my life. I've traveled extensively through the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico and many other beautiful places. I have to say that my favorite place I've visited has been Norway along with any coastal city because I love being near the ocean. I enjoy traveling to small remote towns and submerging myself in different cultures for short periods of time. It fascinates me to see how other people live and it always opens up my eyes and my heart allowing me to have an even greater sense of appreciation for life.

What is your favorite pose to practice?

My favorite pose to practice is always changing due to the circumstances I am working with physically but currently, tree pose has taken the lead. It makes me feel strong and stable yet there's an effortless effort that needs to be present in order to find and maintain the balance. I love the feeling of rooting down in order to grow taller, and it might also have something to do with my deep connection and love affair with trees.

How would you describe your style?

I'm a certified YogaWorks Teacher Trainer and a certified Yoga Therapist so my style is a combination of breath inspired mindful movements with a therapeutic twist. I infuse my classes with a number of modalities so they are always inspiring and different. On any given day I may include a combination of the following; somatic movement, yoga therapy, eldoa techniques, kin stretch, Yoga Tune Up, energy work and aromatherapy. It's important to me that my classes are inspirational so I weave my own life experiences, inspiring readings and philosophical teachings to create a sacred and safe environment...and sometimes we laugh a lot! I want my students to have an overall positive experience so they leave feeling open, steady and at peace with themselves.

Why do you feel retreats are transformational?

I feel retreats are transformational because they give you the chance to move away from the busyness of your life and the opportunity to step into a held sacred space designed specifically for your overall wellbeing. The environment is created for you to do the heart work needed for physical and emotional healing, self-discovery and self care. Retreats inspire, nourish and support your mind, body and soul in such a way that you leave feeling awakened, refreshed and transformed on all levels.