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Mongolia, Mongolia


Our spectacular and sustainable retreat center is located within Mongolia’s Orkhon Valley, a national park 25km west of the historic capital of Mongol Empire, Kharkorum, and the summer place for Genghis Khan and his army. Unspoiled panoramic views of beautiful rolling hills with a river gracefully snaking into the distance below and granite formations from previous volcanic activity surround this stunning place.  We stay in luxurious comfort in the wilderness in traditional Mongolian style 'gers' made from local materials: wood from forests, yak felt for insulation from local livestock, horse hair for rope, camel leather to bind; specially crafted beds and furniture, wood-burning stoves and high-quality cashmere blankets.

Guests can connect with nature while exploring the steppe on horseback riding expeditions, kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking in rugged and breath-taking landscapes with expert local guides. The cuisine is sourced locally when possible and animals are reared locally as well for dairy and meat. This retreat center is a family business with the aim to create a sustainable project to preserve local nomadic culture and heritage, and to operate with as little carbon footprint as possible.  

Past Retreats

Magical Mongolia  
Jul 9
Jul 16