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International Yoga Journal

International Yoga Journal

Aug 13

Journey to the Heart: A Gui...

In honor of National Relaxation Day, International Yoga teacher Jeremy Falk has created a 10 minute guided meditation for us to share with you! The stress of our ... more >>
Jul 16

Advance and Retreat: Tappin...

In a world where the idea of “Advance! Advance! Advance!” is highly valued, it can be hard to justify the idea of retreat. In many scenarios, retreat means defeat... more >>
Jul 15

Savor the Summer with 3 Rec...

No matter where you travel to, food brings people together, creates community, and has the power to transform your experience. One of the most important elements ... more >>
Jun 6

Hitting The Pause Button by...

I’m sharing this story with you in the hopes that you hit the pause button. That you realize how powerful and potent a pause really is. Not only is it potent, but... more >>
Apr 10

Returning Home By Erika Trice

I just returned home from leading a 7 -day retreat at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala and I notice that my capacity for the busyness that is going on around me has dimini... more >>