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Manifest Your Way to Maui by Hillary Skibell

Manifest Your Way to Maui by Hillary Skibell

January 29, 2018

Just imagine... 

You are lying on a lounge chair feeling the soft breeze on your skin,  soaking in the warm caress of the late morning sun. You are savoring your Papaya Sunrise, one of the freshest smoothies you have ever had, made with papaya, pineapple, bananas, cinnamon, agave, and coconut water. You are feeling strong and open after your third day of yoga. You are grateful to have time to pause and soak in the beauty around you... the neon green lawn, the tropical gardens of ochre and orange, the gentle blue sky with a hint of a rainbow…wow, you were hoping for a rainbow.  You think to yourself: Maui truly is magical!

Maui 2

You contemplate what to do before the afternoon yoga session (such tough decisions in paradise). Maybe you will explore Ho’okipa Beach and swim with the sea turtles. Perhaps you will walk around the cute town of Paia or venture up the road to Makawao. Maybe you will just stay on this lounge chair and relish your time to simply be, dream, and vision. 


Hillary Skibell


On the island of Maui you feel nourished, alive, and connected. Lumeria is a refuge for the mind, a sanctuary for the body, an inspiration for the heart. You decide to stay on the property as tomorrow will be a day of adventure. You will take a swim in the salt water pool, kick back on this lounge chair, read, journal, doze in the hammock, maybe even get a massage… so many possibilities. You will take it moment to moment, reflecting on the gift you have given yourself. Back in February, you had no idea what to expect you just had the feeling to follow the call, to commit to your well-being and yoga practice, to eat good food, to nurture your purpose and passions, and to connect more deeply with yourself, others, and the world around. You listened to the call and you claimed Maui… you claimed Magic!

Manifestation starts with your imagination. Let your imagination inspire you into action! Find the yes within and watch things transform in your word around. 



Turn up the heat this summer and join us over the Solstice for a week of nourishment, rejuvenation, and celebration! Remember  your own radiant nature and let your life become an expression of your vibrancy, power, and light! 


Hillary Skibell


Ready to manifest your way to Maui with Hillary on her retreat from June 17 - 22, 2018? Learn more and register here