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International Yoga Blog

International Yoga Blog

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International Yoga Blog

International Yoga Blog


Dec 11

Rhythm, Beauty, & Bliss in ...

Whenever traveling, especially to a new country, I like to think of it as plugging into someone else's playlist; I want to see and feel what they got, what makes them move, how they connect with one another, and what the vibe and energy is like.
Nov 16

Why go on a yoga retreat? B...

Since becoming a yoga teacher, I have continued to give myself the gift of a yoga retreat, even though my budget has been limited. What I gain in new wisdom, new connections, de... more >>
Oct 17

Hello From the Other Side b...

Do you believe in magic? I do. There are places in this world with magical energy.  Energy to heal people, energy to access the divine, and energy to communicate with the other side.  Maui is one of those places...
Sep 25

The Value of Yoga Retreats ...

As we calm our minds and begin to unravel the knots of the stress that is wound throughout our bodies, we can ask, “what do I really want from this life, and will that make me tr... more >>
Sep 19

Welcome to the IY Blog!

It is with great excitement that we are announcing today the official launch of the International Yoga Blog! International Yoga is rooted in the belief that yoga and world trave... more >>