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International Yoga Blog

International Yoga Blog

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International Yoga Blog

International Yoga Blog

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Jun 17

Tread Lightly: Tips from a ...

Growing up in Yellowknife, northern Canada, travel has always been a big part of my life as the closest big city was nearly 1500 km south and ‘getting away’ was no easy feat. Reg... more >>
Mar 21

Transitioning from Bliss to...

I have been leading international retreats for well over a decade and love seeing people embrace the magic and joy that retreats offer.  Yoga retreats are truly transformational ... more >>
Jan 29

Manifest Your Way to Maui b...

Just imagine... You are lying on a lounge chair feeling the soft breeze on your skin, soaking in the warm caress of the late morning sun. You are savoring your Papaya Sunrise, o... more >>
Jan 13

Why Japan? By Ann Dyer

As a young woman of 21 I went on a blind date with Japan. Unworldly and naive, I moved to Japan having never eaten sushi or seen a Kurozawa film, knowing little of Hiroshima or m... more >>
Dec 11

Rhythm, Beauty, & Bliss in ...

Whenever traveling, especially to a new country, I like to think of it as plugging into someone else's playlist; I want to see and feel what they got, what makes them move, how they connect with one another, and what the vibe and energy is like.