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Maida Broudo

Maida Broudo


Maida Broudo

Maida Broudo

Maida Broudo

Maida has spent most of her life as a health care practitioner and instructor and has a deep appreciation for the importance of taking care of one's body and health. She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and continues to study with master teachers. Her reverence for the practice and compassion for her students is evident. Maida meets each yogi or yogin where they are; challenging them in playful and creative ways. Having completed 12 Boston Marathons, Maida is well aware of how injuries can wreak havoc with the ones wellbeing. She cares deeply about using the practice as a tool for maintaining physical strength and stability as well as emotional balance. She loves hiking, sailing and moving through space.


Number of Years Teaching

8 + Years

Teaching Style

Strong, mindful flow and meditation



What inspired you to teach?

How do you not teach something that you love?

Who are your most influential teachers?

Ame Wren, Kevin Courtney, Alison Sinatra, Tias Little, Larisa Forman

How would you describe your classes?

My classes are never the same, but always contain elements of meditation, pranayama, a hint of yoga philosophy and asana sequences suitable for the students in the room. I have been known to be "sneaky challenging", but there is always a laugh or two to be had.

Why do you feel retreats are transformational?

Getting away from on's regular environment offers an opportunity to see things differently and gain perspective through reflection. Writing and going "inward" on a retreat can help with the unveiling of new insights and the dismantling of unhealthy patterns.