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Sara Hess

Sara Hess

Sara Hess

Sara Hess

Sara Hess

Sara Hess

Sara Hess

Sara Hess


Sara Hess

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Sara Hess

Sara Hess

Sara has been a student of yoga since 2000 and has 500+ hours of training (ERYT-500). Based in San Francisco and Marin, Sara is known for leading fun, strong, and intelligent Vinyasa flow classes (Forest and Iyengar influenced). She draws from her dance background, as a former ballet and modern dancer at the elite level, to create intelligently sequenced classes that gracefully synchronize breath, posture, and alignment. Through these key elements, students are supported to explore each pose in depth in order to encounter their full, transformative potential. Sara challenges and playfully invites her students to wake up to their most authentic selves.


Years Teaching

5+ years


Forrest-inspired Vinyasa flow


My teachers, students, and nature



What inspired you to teach yoga?

My teachers, travel, and family!

Who are your most influential teachers?

Ana Forrest, Maty Ezraty, Rod Stryker, Rodney Yee, and Maritza

How would you describe your style?

A strong, deep, energetic, alignment-based Vinyasa flow

Why do you feel retreats are transformational?

Retreats are transformational because they are more then just a retreat, they are a “spiritual vacation” which can offer a significant shift in our perspective regarding what this time means for ourselves and for our lives. And to top this experience off, you get to practice in some of the most beautiful places in the world with your beloved teacher.

What is your favorite pose to teach?


What is your favorite pose to practice?


What are your favorite places to travel?

All over Southeast Asia